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kivy.input.provider のソースコード

Motion Event Provider

Abstract class for the implementation of a
provider. The implementation must support the
:meth:`~MotionEventProvider.start`, :meth:`~MotionEventProvider.stop` and
:meth:`~MotionEventProvider.update` methods.

__all__ = ('MotionEventProvider', )

[ドキュメント]class MotionEventProvider(object): '''Base class for a provider. ''' def __init__(self, device, args): self.device = device if self.__class__ == MotionEventProvider: raise NotImplementedError('class MotionEventProvider is abstract')
[ドキュメント] def start(self): '''Start the provider. This method is automatically called when the application is started and if the configuration uses the current provider. ''' pass
[ドキュメント] def stop(self): '''Stop the provider. ''' pass
[ドキュメント] def update(self, dispatch_fn): '''Update the provider and dispatch all the new touch events though the `dispatch_fn` argument. ''' pass