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RecycleView Data Model

バージョン 1.10.0 で追加.

The data model part of the RecycleView model-view-controller pattern.

It defines the models (classes) that store the data associated with a RecycleViewBehavior. Each model (class) determines how the data is stored and emits requests to the controller (RecycleViewBehavior) when the data is modified.

class kivy.uix.recycleview.datamodel.RecycleDataModelBehavior[ソース]

ベースクラス: builtins.object

RecycleDataModelBehavior is the base class for the models that describes and provides the data for the RecycleViewBehavior.


Fired when the data changes. The event may dispatch keyword arguments specific to each implementation of the data model. When dispatched, the event and keyword arguments are forwarded to refresh_from_data().


Associates a RecycleViewBehavior with this data model.


Removes the RecycleViewBehavior associated with this data model.


The RecycleViewBehavior instance associated with this data model.

class kivy.uix.recycleview.datamodel.RecycleDataModel(**kwargs)[ソース]

ベースクラス: kivy.uix.recycleview.datamodel.RecycleDataModelBehavior, kivy.event.EventDispatcher

A implementation of RecycleDataModelBehavior that keeps the data in a indexable list. See data.

When data changes this class currently dispatches on_data_changed with one of the following additional keyword arguments.

none: no keyword argument
With no additional argument it means a generic data change.
removed: a slice or integer
The value is a slice or integer indicating the indices removed.
appended: a slice
The slice in data indicating the first and last new items (i.e. the slice pointing to the new items added at the end).
inserted: a integer
The index in data where a new data item was inserted.
modified: a slice
The slice with the indices where the data has been modified. This currently does not allow changing of size etc.

Stores the model’s data using a list.

The data for a item at index i can also be accessed with RecycleDataModel [i].


A dictionary instance, which when modified will trigger a data and consequently an on_data_changed dispatch.