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List Item View Argument Converters

バージョン 1.5 で追加.

バージョン 1.10.0 で撤廃: The feature has been deprecated.

The default list item args converter for list adapters is a function (shown below) that takes a row index and a string. It returns a dict with the string as the text item, along with two properties suited for simple text items with a height of 25.

Simple Usage

Argument converters may be normal functions or, as in the case of the default args converter, lambdas:

list_item_args_converter = lambda row_index, x: {'text': x,
                                                 'size_hint_y': None,
                                                 'height': 25}

Advanced Usage

Typically, having the argument converter perform a simple mapping suffices. There are times, however, when more complex manipulation is required. When using CompositeListItem, it is possible to specify a list of cls dictionaries. This allows you to compose a single view item out of multiple classes, each of which can receive their own class constructor arguments via the kwargs keyword:

args_converter = lambda row_index, rec: \
        {'text': rec['text'],
         'size_hint_y': None,
         'height': 25,
         'cls_dicts': [{'cls': ListItemButton,
                        'kwargs': {'text': rec['text']}},
                       {'cls': ListItemLabel,
                        'kwargs': {'text': rec['text'],
                                   'is_representing_cls': True}},
                       {'cls': ListItemButton,
                        'kwargs': {'text': rec['text']}}]}

Please see the list_composite.py for a complete example.