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バージョン 1.9.0 で追加.

Recalibrate input device to a specific range / offset.

Let’s say you have 3 1080p displays, the 2 firsts are multitouch. By default, both will have mixed touch, the range will conflict with each others: the 0-1 range will goes to 0-5760 px (remember, 3 * 1920 = 5760.)

To fix it, you need to manually reference them. For example:

left = mtdev,/dev/input/event17
middle = mtdev,/dev/input/event15
# the right screen is just a display.

Then, you can use the calibration postproc module:

left = xratio=0.3333
middle = xratio=0.3333,xoffset=0.3333

Now, the touches from the left screen will be within 0-0.3333 range, and the touches from the middle screen will be within 0.3333-0.6666 range.

class kivy.input.postproc.calibration.InputPostprocCalibration[ソース]

ベースクラス: builtins.object

Recalibrate the inputs.

The configuration must go within a section named postproc:calibration. Within the section, you must have line like:

devicename = param=value,param=value
xratio: float

Value to multiply X

yratio: float

Value to multiply Y

xoffset: float

Value to add to X

yoffset: float

Value to add to Y