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Stencil demo(翻訳済み)


stencil view widget内部のstencilグラフィックス命令のテストです。stencilを使用すると、バウンディングボックスの外側には何も描画されません。すべてのグラフィックはstencil viewで描画されます。

あなたはタッチ&ドローによってstencil viewを「描く」ことができます。タッチダウンは、位置を設定してドラッグすることでサイズを設定します。

File canvas\stencil_canvas.py

Stencil demo

This is a test of the stencil graphics instruction inside the stencil view
widget. When you use a stencil, nothing will be drawn outside the bounding
box. All the graphics will draw only in the stencil view.

You can "draw" a stencil view by touch & draw. The touch down will set the
position, and the drag will set the size.

from kivy.app import App
from kivy.core.window import Window
from kivy.graphics import Color, Rectangle
from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout
from kivy.uix.floatlayout import FloatLayout
from kivy.uix.button import Button
from kivy.uix.label import Label
from kivy.uix.stencilview import StencilView
from random import random as r
from functools import partial

class StencilTestWidget(StencilView):
    '''Drag to define stencil area

    def on_touch_down(self, touch):
        self.pos = touch.pos
        self.size = (1, 1)

    def on_touch_move(self, touch):
        self.size = (touch.x - touch.ox, touch.y - touch.oy)

class StencilCanvasApp(App):

    def add_rects(self, label, wid, count, *largs):
        label.text = str(int(label.text) + count)
        with wid.canvas:
            for x in range(count):
                Color(r(), 1, 1, mode='hsv')
                Rectangle(pos=(r() * wid.width + wid.x,
                               r() * wid.height + wid.y), size=(10, 10))

    def reset_stencil(self, wid, *largs):
        wid.pos = (0, 0)
        wid.size = Window.size

    def reset_rects(self, label, wid, *largs):
        label.text = '0'

    def build(self):
        wid = StencilTestWidget(size_hint=(None, None), size=Window.size)

        label = Label(text='0')

        btn_add500 = Button(text='+ 200 rects')
        btn_add500.bind(on_press=partial(self.add_rects, label, wid, 200))

        btn_reset = Button(text='Reset Rectangles')
        btn_reset.bind(on_press=partial(self.reset_rects, label, wid))

        btn_stencil = Button(text='Reset Stencil')
        btn_stencil.bind(on_press=partial(self.reset_stencil, wid))

        layout = BoxLayout(size_hint=(1, None), height=50)

        root = BoxLayout(orientation='vertical')
        rfl = FloatLayout()

        return root

if __name__ == '__main__':