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NO DOCUMENTATION (module kivy.uix.recycleview)

class kivy.lib.osc.OSC.CallbackManager[ソース]

ベースクラス: builtins.object

This utility class maps OSC addresses to callables.

The CallbackManager calls its callbacks with a list of decoded OSC arguments, including the address and the typetags as the first two arguments.

add(callback, name)[ソース]

Adds a callback to our set of callbacks, or removes the callback with name if callback is None.

dispatch(message, source=None)[ソース]

Sends decoded OSC data to an appropriate calback

handle(data, source=None)[ソース]

Given OSC data, tries to call the callback with the right address.


Dispatch the messages in a decoded bundle.


Convert some Python types to their OSC binary representations, returning a (typetag, data) tuple.


Convert a string into an OSC Blob, returning a (typetag, data) tuple.

class kivy.lib.osc.OSC.OSCMessage[ソース]

ベースクラス: builtins.object

Builds typetagged OSC messages.

append(argument, typehint=None)[ソース]

Appends data to the message, updating the typetags based on the argument’s type. If the argument is a blob (counted string) pass in ‘b’ as typehint.


Returns the binary message (so far) with typetags.


Appends raw data to the message. Use append().


Useful utility; prints the string in hexadecimal


Given a list of strings, produces a list where those strings have been parsed (where possible) as floats or integers.


Tries to interpret the next 8 bytes of the data as a 64-bit double float.


Tries to interpret the next 8 bytes of the data as a 64-bit signed integer.