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Native support for Multitouch devices on Linux, using libmtdev.

The Mtdev project is a part of the Ubuntu Maverick multitouch architecture. You can read more on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch

To configure MTDev, it’s preferable to use probesysfs providers. Check probesysfs for more information.

Otherwise, add this to your configuration:

# devicename = hidinput,/dev/input/eventXX
acert230h = mtdev,/dev/input/event2


You must have read access to the input event.

You can use a custom range for the X, Y and pressure values. On some drivers, the range reported is invalid. To fix that, you can add these options to the argument line:

  • invert_x : 1 to invert X axis
  • invert_y : 1 to invert Y axis
  • min_position_x : X minimum
  • max_position_x : X maximum
  • min_position_y : Y minimum
  • max_position_y : Y maximum
  • min_pressure : pressure minimum
  • max_pressure : pressure maximum
  • min_touch_major : width shape minimum
  • max_touch_major : width shape maximum
  • min_touch_minor : width shape minimum
  • max_touch_minor : height shape maximum
  • rotation : 0,90,180 or 270 to rotate