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バージョン 1.10.0 で追加.

The JoyCursor is a tool for navigating with a joystick as if using a mouse or touch. Most of the actions that are possible for a mouse user are available in this module.

For example:

  • left click
  • right click
  • double click (two clicks)
  • moving the cursor
  • holding the button (+ moving at the same time)
  • selecting
  • scrolling

There are some properties that can be edited live, such as intensity of the JoyCursor movement and toggling mouse button holding.


For normal module usage, please see the modules documentation and these bindings:

Event Joystick
cursor move Axis 3, Axis 4
cursor intensity Button 0, Button 1
left click Button 2
right click Button 3
scroll up Button 4
scroll down Button 5
hold button Button 6
joycursor on/off Button 7

The JoyCursor, like Inspector, can also be imported and used as a normal python module. This has the added advantage of being able to activate and deactivate the module programmatically:

from kivy.lang import Builder
from kivy.base import runTouchApp
#:import jc kivy.modules.joycursor
        text: 'Press & activate with Ctrl+E or Button 7'
        on_release: jc.create_joycursor(root.parent, root)
        text: 'Disable'
        on_release: jc.stop(root.parent, root)
kivy.modules.joycursor.stop(win, ctx)[ソース]

Stop and unload any active JoyCursors for the given ctx.

kivy.modules.joycursor.create_joycursor(win, ctx, *args)[ソース]

Create a JoyCursor instance attached to the ctx and bound to the Window’s on_keyboard() event for capturing the keyboard shortcuts.

win: A Window

The application Window to bind to.

ctx: A Widget or subclass

The Widget for JoyCursor to attach to.