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バージョン 1.5 で追加.

バージョン 1.10.0 で撤廃: The feature has been deprecated.


This code is still experimental, and its API is subject to change in a future version.

The SimpleListAdapter is used for basic lists. For example, it can be used for displaying a list of read-only strings that do not require user interaction.

class kivy.adapters.simplelistadapter.SimpleListAdapter(**kwargs)[ソース]

ベースクラス: kivy.adapters.adapter.Adapter

A SimpleListAdapter is an adapter around a Python list.

From Adapter, the ListAdapter gets cls, template, and args_converter properties.


The data list property contains a list of objects (which can be strings) that will be used directly if no args_converter function is provided. If there is an args_converter, the data objects will be passed to it for instantiating the item view class instances.

data is a ListProperty and defaults to [].