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The tools module provides various utility scripts, modules and examples.


Some useful scripts include:

  • kviewer.py: for viewing kv files with automatic updating
  • benchmark.py: provides detailed OpenGL hardware information as well as some benchmarks measuring kivy specific performance
  • reports.py: provides a comprehensive report covering your systems providers, libraries, configuration, environment, input devices and options
  • texturecompress.py: a command line utility for compressing images into PVRTC or ETC1 formats
  • generate-icons.py: generates set of icons suitable for the various store and package formats
  • gles_compat/subset_gles.py: examines compatibility between GLEXT and GLES2 headers for finding compatible subsets


Tool modules provide various resources for:


Other miscellaneous resources include

  • pep8checker: pep8 checking scripts and git hook
  • theming: demonstrates an alternative theme for kivy
  • travis: travis continuous integration

This help document is a work-in-progress and currently under construction.