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バージョン 1.5 で追加.

バージョン 1.10.0 で撤廃: The feature has been deprecated.


This code is still experimental, and its API is subject to change in a future version.

Data Models

Kivy is open about the type of data used in applications built with the system. However, base classes are sometimes needed to ensure data conforms to the requirements of some parts of the system.

A SelectableDataItem is a basic Python data model class that can be used as a mixin to build data objects that are compatible with Kivy’s Adapter and selection system and which work with views such as a ListView. A boolean is_selected property a requirement.

The default operation of the selection system is to not propagate selection in views such as ListView to the underlying data: selection is by default a view-only operation. However, in some cases, it is useful to propagate selection to the actual data items.

You may, of course, build your own Python data model system as the backend for a Kivy application. For instance, to use the Google App Engine Data Modeling system with Kivy, you could define your class as follows:

from google.appengine.ext import db

class MySelectableDataItem(db.Model):
    # ... other properties
    is_selected = db.BooleanProperty()

It is easy to build such a class with plain Python.

class kivy.adapters.models.SelectableDataItem(is_selected=False)[ソース]

ベースクラス: builtins.object

A mixin class containing requirements for selection operations.


A boolean property indicating whether the data item is selected or not.